Inspiring a Profound Impact: The Breakfast Group - Project M.I.S.T.E.R.

Thursday, February 10, 2022
Dr. James Carter

Dr. James Carter

Executive Director
The Breakfast Group

Amani Harris

Amani Harris

The Breakfast Group


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) has rocketed to one of the top issues business leaders have to address today. A key pillar to any DEI plan is education and community involvement. For many leaders this means starting from the ground-up as they develop the direction their organization will take to address the many aspects of a DEI program.

Today's CEOtoCEO presentation, led by Amani Harris, President, and Dr. James Carter, Executive Director, of The Breakfast Group provides several, proven, easily adoptable DEI opportunities for businesses to get involved.

Amani and James presented information about several programs for at-risk youth of color, and called on business leaders to support their efforts. The Breakfast Group is a nonprofit focused on the success of young men, and women, of color. Their long-running programs educate, motivate, and mentor at-risk youth, and their families, to reach the highest levels in education, and economic opportunities.

Two programs, the Diversity Career Program 1-2-3 Initiative and Project M.I.S.T.E.R. Program, focus on skill building and mentoring. Amani Harris said, "We believe that if they can see it, they can be it." The most important thing for young people, is to have a vision of being successful. All Breakfast Group programs support this belief.

The Diversity Career Program 1-2-3 Initiative works with students starting in 6th-8th Grade. Students select 3-5 careers of interest and they have an opportunity to connect with, and hear from professionals in these career fields, and to build competency skills through online resources.

The Project M.I.S.T.E.R. Program is school-based and operates in Garfield, Franklin, Cleveland, Rainier Beach, and South Lake Alternative High Schools. A Breakfast Group sponsored instructor is provided at each school site to teach daily classes based on a curriculum entitled "Life Skills-Education, Employment, and Personal Responsibility."

The Breakfast Group's many programs are real opportunities for businesses to either enhance, or build, a DEI program. When asked how businesses can engage and assist, Dr. Carter said that there are several opportunities including providing job shadowing - summer internships, or to provide guest speakers at a Diversity Career Event.

The Breakfast Group is actively seeking Corporate or Individual Sponsors to help them attain their funding goal of $500,000 for 2022. They are also accepting Silver, Gold and Platinum level support for their annual Tie-One-On Luncheon, held annually in April.

To learn more about DEI and Sponsorship opportunities with The Breakfast Group, please reach out to Dr. James Carter, Executive Director, at or call (773) 851-7449.

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