Energizing Your Teams: Rising Above the Adversity

Thursday, September 8, 2022
Nate Miles

Nate Miles

Vice President of Strategic Initiatives
Eli Lilly and Company


Businesses and business leaders are in a quandary today as we emerge from the pandemic. Many people worldwide have found themselves examining their priorities and the view of work is shifting.

The past two years created a unique time where the labor market is extremely tight and incentivizing is not necessarily going to be the most effective way to attract, retain and motivate employees.

This is especially true with younger generations who often have a different view of work and what it means in their lives. The younger generations are looking for authenticity in employers and managers. They take a more holistic approach in evaluating authenticity and they are looking for companies they see to be involved in their communities.

Nate talked about the research a company named OPTYVA (www.optyva.com) is doing and how it can be research for today's corporate leaders to better understand the younger generation motivations and commitment to community.

Companies cannot be stuck in yesterday and the way it was. Nate discussed the need to mentor up as well as down to insure generations are learning from each other to build successful engagement. Companies need to change to make sure they are staying relevant as employees and customers look for authenticity in corporate culture.

Nate shared his personal story of how he was able to have the opportunity to go to college and that the opportunity motivated him.

Nat Miles provided viewers with a number of key ideas and insights during the presentation that leaders will find valuable to grow their companies.

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