Analytics in Sports: Telling the Story with Data

Thursday, December 1, 2022
Alison Lukan

Alison Lukan

Seattle Kraken


Anyone who watches college or professional sports is acutely aware that data and statistics play a huge role in the way we consume the games.

From historical data and fundamental scorekeeping, to algorithmic performance forecasting and specific player statistics, big data is today's most valuable player as athletes and managers seek any statistical edge they can find.

Sports analytics didn't truly take off until 2002, when Oakland Athletics general Billy Beane relied on it to put together a team of lesser-known players that nearly won a World Series. His strategy of optimizing a team through statistical analysis became known as "Moneyball" and quickly became the way other teams operated.

Each major sport is having their own analytics evolution with teams hiring data scientists and seeking ways to objectively analyze players and gain a statistical edge. In the modern era of sports it is common for data analysts to populate college and professional sports staffs.

Alison Lukan a Sports Analytics Expert who is now with the Seattle Kracken, will join us to talk about the use of Analytics in sports, how it is changing the landscape, and the league-wide issues from an analytics perspective.

Alison Lukan is a contributor at both The Athletic and specializing in data-driven storytelling in the world of hockey.

Alison covered the Columbus Blue Jackets for eight years prior to joining the Seattle Kracken.

She has written for FOX Sports, Yahoo Sports, and the team website among other outlets.

Prior to covering hockey she worked for 20 years as a strategic planning consultant, advising corporations across a variety of industries in the areas of strategic management, effective communications, organizational design and knowledge management.

Alison holds a bachelor's degree in Leadership Studies from the University of Richmond.

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