The Future of Seattle Sports

Thursday, August 22, 2019
Bill Chapin

Bill Chapin

Director of Revenue
NHL Seattle


At the August 2019 CEOtoCEO Breakfast, Bill Chapin of NHL Seattle covered all things hockey, live music, and the new stadium where Key Arena used to be.

What he didn't cover was the name of Seattle's new hockey team. "I know it's question one, two, and three, but we don't have a name - or a color - for the team yet," Bill emphatically remarked.

The city of Seattle and the Puget Sound Area is excited for a new hockey team, and Bill outlined why we have so much more than just hockey to look forward to.

Some highlights of NHL Seattle and Oakview Group's plans include:

  • ~$930M investment in a new arena under the historic Key Arena roof
  • ~$300M investment in the Northgate team headquarters, practice facility, and public ice
  • A partnership with LiveNation to make Seattle a staple on major national music tours
  • Significantly increased youth access to hockey programs and equipment
  • Partnerships with the City of Seattle to improve public transit to Seattle Center
  • Working with local organizations to combat youth homelessness

Whatever the team name or however many years it takes to bring another Stanley Cup trophy to Seattle, it's clear that hockey has found a home in the Seattle area.

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