A Journey Toward Cultural Humility

Thursday, May 9, 2024
Dr. James Knight

Dr. James Knight

Chief Heart Officer
Leading With Humility


In all of the media hype a simple message and approach to build strong organizational cultures can be lost.

"A Journey to Cultural Humility" is an opportunity for business leaders seeking to advance and promote inclusive leadership, and enhanced emotional intelligence, to learn the principles of humble leadership that builds a winning culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

In an increasingly diverse and interconnected global business context, the ability to navigate cultural nuances and foster trust and inclusive environments is paramount for effective leadership.

Dr James Knight has been working with leaders, nationally recognized businesses, professional sports teams, schools, and religious organizations helping them transform their cultures by bringing people together with humility and understanding.

Join us for this transformative conversation, and empower yourself to lead with humility, emotional intelligence, and the agility necessary for effective and inclusive leadership in today's highly diverse business landscape.

James Knight is an educator, coach/mentor, consultant, author, itinerant speaker/teacher, and equity and inclusion strategist. He resides in Ohio outside of Cleveland. Much of his work revolves around leading with humility and partnering with other leaders to build dynamic and inclusive communities/spaces where people collaborate, innovate, and engage in fearless dialogue.

As an author, James has written three books, including his latest release, Heart: A Journey Toward Cultural Humility. This book is a manual and guide for any leader, student, or person looking to develop greater awareness and increase their emotional and cultural intelligence.

James has a passion for people and sees himself as a servant-leader. His personal mission is "education + empowerment = elevation," and his number one goal in everything he does is to elevate those he serves through education and inspiration. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts from Oberlin College and a Master's of Education and Doctorate of Education Leadership from Ashland University. He also holds a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion from the University.

Some of Dr. Knight's recent clients are the Chicago Bears, Ohio Hospitals, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland and Minneapolis, Progressive Insurance, Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle, Xavier University, Eaton Corporation, Mazzella Companies, Evereve Stores, Center for Health Affairs, Roundstone Insurance, Embrace Pet Insurance, and many others.

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