Creating Change through Meaningful DEI Initiatives

Thursday, July 28, 2022
Zenovia Harris

Zenovia Harris

Zenovia Harris Consulting


Everywhere in life diversity is affecting us all, and learning to get comfortable with being uncomfortable as we address the potential to remove bias from systems and programs is the ultimate goal.

As a Certified DEI professional Zenovia Harris is experienced in guiding leaders and executives in the conversation of how Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, "DEI," can have a positive impact on employee performance and company profitability.

DEI is a hot organizational topic that many leaders are grappling with as they look for a way to approach in a positive way. Zenovia presented at CEOtoCEO how most companies may already be addressing certain areas and that the three words in DEI are very separate actions.

She also explained the importance of celebrating the success and leveraging the areas that a company may already be doing to affect DEI.

Zenovia explained the difference between implicit bias and prejudice. She provided real life examples of how we all have biases and why it is important to understand them. We all make choices every day and just because you have a bias isn't necessarily a bad thing. It is important to recognize your bias and determine if it holds you back or limits your ability to reach your highest potential.

Addressing potential biases that are systemic and adjusting systems to reduce the bias, can help companies to recruit and retain a stronger workforce. This doesn't mean lowering standards it may just require an increase in awareness and recognition of a bias that reduces the opportunity to find the best employees.

Zenovia talked about the 21 day challenge she use with clients because creating systematic change is more that standalone trainings that can actually harm diversity efforts and create more bias.

Zenovia Harris

Zenovia Harris Consulting LLC


This presentation is filled with insights and takeaways to help leaders realize the positive power of DEI efforts.

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