The SHARP Method: Enhancing Staff through Personal Development

Thursday, November 14, 2019
Robb Weller

Robb Weller

The SHARP Method


After years of working in Hollywood, successfully creating and producing, Robb Weller stopped in his tracks outside the studio walking to his car one day.

He realized that even after all he had done as a TV personality and a host, he did not feel fulfilled. He was tired of doing the "SAME" thing day in and day out, which motivated him to become a Producer.

While running his own production company he encountered a high employee turn-over that was standard in the industry. To maintain a strong productive culture he knew he had to find a better way to engage his employees and help them find purpose in their work, to meet the fast paced demanding nature of their business.

After much thought and some great conversations with a good friend, "The SHARP Method" was born!

In Seattle, CEO's heard from Robb Weller, how to help their employees stay engaged and be productive. Robb spoke about the importance in appreciating the "wonder" of what can be accomplished each day, instead of just "wondering" how to get through each day.

Robb introduced the "SHARP" method for personal development to help employees compete at the speed of life. Applying the SHARP method will yield a high performance advantage for employees and businesses, bringing purpose to their workplaces. SHARP stands for: Seek- Habits- Attitude- Resilience - Purpose

By teaching the SHARP method to the employees of Robb's company, they were able to maintain a competitive edge as they produced over 1,000 television shows! Today, Robb Weller is sharing the SHARP program with CEO's and their companies all over the country, through workshops and seminars as well as his book he co-authored, "The SHARP Method".

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