The Internet of Things (IoT) Opportunities and Risks

Tuesday, June 18, 2019
John Jacobs

John Jacobs

Vice President & Systems Engineer

Brian Talbert

Brian Talbert

Director of Network Connectivity Solutions
Alaska Airlines


The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere, and it's here to stay. Nevertheless, its potential uses and applications remain a mystery for many. At the June 2019 CEOtoCEO Breakfast events in Spokane and Bellevue, John Jacobs of Fortinet and Brian Talbert of Alaska Airlines joined CEOtoCEO to appease some of the uncertainty surrounding IoT as well as to illustrate some of its practical applications.

Specifically, John gave an overview on the progression of so-called connected devices and the exponentially falling costs of computing power that have facilitated their rise. With such cheap and abundant data, consumer and business access to connected devices and the valuable information they produce will only continue to expand.

Brian then outlined his experience with Alaska Airlines and provided insight into the challenges of building a truly connected digital ecosystem within the bounds of a large company. Those challenges include not just security and privacy, but also innovation within the scope of connectivity itself - like RFID enabled bag tracking - which require further technological advancement before becoming feasible and reliable.

But where do YOU start with your company?

According to Brian and John, businesses of any size and technological state can start by considering these three things:

  • Identity

    • Who should have access to WHAT resources?

  • Visibility

    • What is happening at the moment?
    • Define "who" is performing any given action
  • Access Control

    • Confirm proper ongoing access
    • Form a new dynamic network boundary

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