The Wild Wild World of Spies and Cyber Crime

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Members of the FBI Cyber Task Force

Members of the FBI Cyber Task Force

FBI Cyber Task Force


At our third CEOtoCEO Breakfast event in Spokane, one FBI Counterintelligence Agent and one FBI Cyber Crime Agent updated our group on the current state of economic espionage and cyber warfare.

For those who didn't know that your business could be a target of economic espionage, it's time to get serious. Whether at the hands of a foreign government - most commonly China - or a disgruntled employee, your business is under constant threat.

The good news, according to the FBI, is that the measures you need to take are not as extreme as you might have thought. Some obvious ones include:

  • Closely monitoring physical and network access controls
  • Regularly updating and patching your software
  • Using two-factor authentication for ALL of your log-ins
  • Implementing a 12+ character password policy

Finally, the Agents want business owners to know that the FBI can be an incredible - and unobtrusive - resource to them. If you think you've been the victim of a cyber attack or espionage, they are here to help - not raid your office and shut down operations.

Below are some resources for your reporting, compliance, and other needs:

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