Fremont Brewing: Overcoming and Surviving the Challenges of the Pandemic

Thursday, September 23, 2021
Sara Nelson

Sara Nelson

Fremont Brewing

Sara Nelson, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Fremont Brewing in Seattle joined CEOtoCEO to discuss her journey from academics, to public service, to operating the second largest craft brewery in Washington State. Sara is self-described as a "recovering academic, former public servant, and beer frau."

In 2009, Sara and her husband Matt founded Fremont Brewing, a family-owned craft brewery, known for its small-batch artisan beers. Fremont Brewing operates one of the largest taprooms in the State and has over 100 employees.

Sara focused on Fremont Brewing; how they have overcome the challenges of the pandemic, particularly with staffing and supply-chain issues. Fremont Brewing hired a consultant with a background in epidemiology to assist them with their Covid-19 response. Together, they were able to devise testing and quarantining protocols, and put systems in place, to protect their staff, and customers. Their flexibility to manage the frequent changes in capacity limits and shutdowns, while supporting their staff, has helped them stay viable through the pandemic. Fremont Brewing has closely followed mask mandates, and will follow any vaccine requirement checks that are necessary based on government guidelines.

Earlier this year, Sara Nelson announced her candidacy for a Seattle City Council seat. She is running for an "At-Large" seat on City Council. She said she'd bring a "sense of urgency" to helping businesses recover from the coronavirus pandemic. Sara mentioned that she would like to focus on bridging the divide between the City of Seattle and business. She wants City government to listen, and take seriously, the voices of small businesses, and to respond. Sara said the two big issues the City Council will need to focus on is homelessness and public safety, two issues that impact businesses in the City of Seattle.

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