From the Boardroom to the Bud Boom: Key Lessons for Investors from a Personal Adventure in Cannabis

Thursday, June 10, 2021
Craig Levin

Craig Levin

3D Consulting


Craig Levin, CEO of 3D Consulting, joined CEOtoCEO to share about his personal journey from the corporate boardroom at Verizon Wireless to the Bud Boom at Arbor Pacific, a cannabis industry start-up based in Arlington, WA.

Craig left the highly structured corporate environment at Verizon Wireless for the "Wild West of start-ups" - the cannabis industry. Working in the cannabis industry was a world away from his corporate job in suit and tie, managing retail operations, enterprise sales, and financial processes for the NW region.

His initial observations about the cannabis industry was the business was unstructured and many of his questions about capacity and production went unanswered. This was very different from the metrics and process driven corporate environment at Verizon.

At Craig's direction, processes were put into place, budgets were established, and metrics and goals were tracked. As Chief Operating Officer, he oversaw the growth of revenue by 10x in 4 years and the company rose to the top tier of Northwest brands in an intensely competitive and regulated business environment.

Craig shared that there are very few get rich quick opportunities in cannabis, but there is money to be made.

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