The Influence of Politics in the Law

Thursday, April 13, 2023
Ronald B. Leighton

Ronald B. Leighton

Judge, US District Court
Western District of Washington

Joe Kennedy, a Christian, was a former Bremerton High School football coach that found himself embroiled in a controversy for leading prayers at mid-field at the end of games. In 2016 he was fired by the Bremerton School District after refusing to stop the practice of kneeling and leading players in prayers after the game.

What followed were years of public debate that divided the community on whether the game-day prayers were against district policy. A long lengthy legal process in the courts began and made its way through the US District Courtroom of Judge Ronald B Leighton. The drama finally came to an end in June of 2022 with the US Supreme Court issuing a decision in favor of Joe Kennedy on religious freedom grounds.

With a split in public opinion and political view the decisions that judges make today can change everyday life. This is just one of the many cases that Judge Leighton had to decide over 18 years on the Federal bench as he had to separate politics from the law.

Law and politics are closely related and often intersect with each other. Politics is the process where groups of people make collective decisions, typically through the use of government. Law, is a system of rules and regulations that governs behavior and is enforced by the government.

In a democratic society like the United States of America laws are created and enforced through political process, which involved elected representatives making decisions on behalf of their constituents. The executive branch, which is also part of the political system, is responsible for enforcing these laws.

At the same time, the legal system can also influence politics. For example, courts can make decisions that impact political outcomes, such as when they strike down laws that are found to be unconstitutional.

Similarly, the system can also be used to hold politicians and government officials accountable for their actions, through mechanisms such as impeachment, investigations and prosecutions.

Law and Politics are intertwined and often rely on one another to function effectively and when they don't what are the consequences.

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