What the Heck is a Business Operating System?

Thursday, March 11, 2021
Doug Hall

Doug Hall

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Doug Hall joined CEOtoCEO live to discuss What the Heck is a Business Operating System? Hall successfully launched his own business in 2017 coaching leadership teams utilizing his 40+ years of experience in management and leadership.

Hall opened his talk emphasizing that every business has an operating system. Your business' operating system is simply whatever you currently use to keep your company up and running. Your current system comes from the CEO and functions from the CEO's intuition, work experience, and knowledge. Hall delved into the history of Business Operating System (BOS) referencing multiple books and leaders who have developed proven processes for success.

A Business Operating System is essentially a leadership and management process that has goal planning and scoring tools to keep track of the progress of the business.

The core of a successful Business Operating System relies on:

  • Strategic plan (1 page with 1-year or 10-year goal)
  • Functional accountability chart
  • Scoreboard
  • 90-Day *Rocks* (short term plans)
  • Weekly accountability meetings

Business owners have two choices to make operational changes, upgrade the functional systems, or change the overall business operating system itself. Functional systems are a three-pronged approach with marketing and sales, operations, and finance and administration that symbiotically create the function of your business.

One of the biggest questions business owners might ask themselves is, "Why should I change or upgrade my business operating system?" Hall emphasizes the simple answer is to reach your 10-year plan or goal. Additionally, upgrading your Business Operating System increases your control of your business while simultaneously giving you more freedom. It also increases the value of your business in the long-term with additional exit options and planning procedures.

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