Navigating Supply Chain Changes in the Pacific Northwest

Thursday, August 11, 2022
John Wolfe

John Wolfe

Northwest Seaport Alliance


We have all experienced the supply chain snarls in the global supply chain as a result of Covid-19.

John Wolfe, CEO for the Northwest Seaport Alliance provided CEOtoCEO insights into where we are in the supply chain today, the challenges ahead, and solutions to address the new normal in the supply chain.

The combined efforts of the Port of Seattle and Tacoma under the Northwest Seaport Alliance "NWSA" provided the Northwest a valuable solution as supply chains encountered unprecedented disruption.

A major advantage of the NWSA is the balance of exports to imports that have helped keep freight moving. John detailed the volume at the Port of the past few years and how the strength of the agricultural exports have helped with the flow of imports.

The presentation included slides that detail the types of imports and exports and the position of the local ports versus other competitor ports in the US and Canada.

"The supply chain challenges are the new normal that businesses will be forced to address" commented Wolfe. He then outlined the unpredictable near term issues, challenges from increasing volume, congestion delays, environmental issues and the solutions that the NWSA is pursuing to help keep goods moving through the ports in Seattle and Tacoma to keep the region competitive.

The presentation was informative and thought provoking; you will want to watch this replay and view the presentation materials.

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