The Human Touch in Sales Technology

Thursday, March 23, 2023
JP O'Donnell

JP O'Donnell

President / CEO


What keeps CEO's and Business Owners up at night is how to increase sales in these unpredictable times. Sales is an integral part of any business and has been undergoing a transformation in recent years due to the rapid advancement of technology.

While Sales is the lifeblood of any business it's also important to note that technology alone is not a magic bullet for sales. Social media has become a catch all marketing approach that many businesses have discovered weakened their connections with customers and prospects.

It's important to understand that the human touch is still important in the sales process to deliver a customer experience that provides deep meaningful connections that gives you a proven track record to increase your sales.

Exceptional salespeople can connect with customers, build trust and establish relationships, which is something that technology alone can't replicate. The key is using the continued evolution of technology to empower deep meaningful connections with decision makers and buyers.

Salespeople will always be the ones who are responsible for understanding the customer's needs and tailoring the sales pitch to meet those needs. Mastering the technology to support the sales professional to be more effective and build deep connections get lost in the hype of social media and marketing.

JP O'Donnell is the Founder and CEO of ProActive and is a highly accomplished and successful sales executive with extensive leadership experience directing teams on the local, regional, national, and international levels.

With 20,000+ personal connections and a combined 1,000,000 international business connections, JP and his firm have mastered the use of artificial intelligence and automation in sales technology to create deep meaningful connections with prospects & customers and increasing sales.

JP is internationally recognized within the technology industry as an innovator on applying Sales methodologies to Artificial Intelligence and automation, he is regularly sought out as a speaker and mentor to Sales Teams worldwide.

JP is a serial entrepreneur that understands the unique challenges every business owner faces. He possesses the vision and ability to build high-performing sales teams that consistently achieve strong results.

His career has been established on firm principles of success within organizations both large and small; each built with an entrepreneurial spirit and a dedication to revenue growth.

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