Hope Unseen: The Inspirational Story of an American Hero

Thursday, October 21, 2021
Scott Smiley

Scotty Smiley

Hope Unseen

Tiffany Smiley

Tiffany Smiley

Hope Unseen

CEOtoCEO was honored to welcome Scotty and Tiffany Smiley in-studio today to hear their very personal story of triumph and positivity over what, to many, would be devastating circumstances.

Scotty, while serving in Mosul, Iraq in 2005, was severely wounded by a suicide bomber. He awoke days later at Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in Washington, DC. partially paralyzed and blind in both eyes. Tiffany rushed to his side, and became the voice for Scotty.

When Tiffany arrived at the hospital, she was presented with Scotty's Army discharge documents, Tiffany fought back and said no. They both believed in a bold vision, that Scotty should be able to fully recover and have access to every resource to go on to serve and lead a purposeful life. Scotty felt, through selfless service, he still had something to contribute and continue serving the country.

Scotty credits Tiffany, and his care team, with helping him overcome his fear, anger, depression and stress. During the broadcast he said partnering with the men and woman around you will help you overcome any obstacle.

Scotty gained his ability to walk again, but was left blind from his injuries. Throughout his recovery and rehab, Scotty and Tiffany faced many dark days. However, their faith, and positive outlook helped them stay strong and to look at obstacles as opportunities. They committed to believe in their vision more than their doubts. Scotty said, "You can build your resiliency muscle when you focus on solutions and helping others."

Scotty went on to earn an MBA from Duke University and taught at West Point. Following Scotty's retirement from the Army, he and Tiffany decided to share their amazing story. Through their numerous speaking engagements, and his book "Hope Unseen", they’ve shown the power of the comeback, their resiliency, and their faith. It is an inspiration to many.

Scotty has several hobbies including wakeboarding, surfing, skiing, and ice climbing, waterskiing, hiking, and he completed an Ironman! When asked "Are you serious!?" by host Joe Schmick, Scotty said "You've got to have fun, enjoy life!" and enjoys inspiring others, including his three sons with his sport achievements.

Tiffany Smiley's experiences have prepared her well for her candidacy for the US Senate. She's a mom of three young boys, a nurse, an advocate for Veterans, and a small business owner – she's a fighter.

Both Scotty and Tiffany are focused on the future and are well prepared to continue their service to the country by inspiring others and sharing their story.

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