Rebuilding Trust in Our Elections: The Lessons Learned in Voting by Mail

Thursday, August 5, 2021
Kim Wyman

Kim Wyman

Secretary of State
State of Washington

The disruption and turmoil from the 2020 election and rapid implementation of vote by mail that occurred as a result of the pandemic has many voters questioning our election system.

To respond to the pandemic many states raced to implement a vote by mail solution, causing many to question the accuracy and have led to court battles and audits all across the country.

Washington State started the process to move to a vote by mail system in 1983 and finally moved to an entire vote by mail system in 2011.

The journey has not been without controversy and contested elections. Just look back at the Christine Gregoire / Dino Rossi gubernatorial election in 2004 and the need for multiple recounts to declare a winner. At the end many were still crying foul much in the same way voices are being raised today.

The Washington State Secretary of State made close to 400 policy changes after the Gregoire / Rossi Race through the transition to the vote by mail election process and a surprising number of people have been charged with voting crimes over the course of the State of Washington's journey.

Secretary of State Kim Wyman will join us at CEOtoCEO to look back at the journey and lessons we learned in Washington State. Kim will discuss the issues around voting integrity and security that are now dominating the headlines and what solutions are being implemented to protect voting.

Kim Wyman is Washington's 15th Secretary of State. First elected in 2012, she is only the second female Secretary of State in Washington's history. Prior to being elected to this office, Kim served as Thurston County Elections Director for nearly a decade and served three terms as the elected Thurston County Auditor (2001-2013)

A leader of national renown, Secretary Wyman often shares Washington's award-winning, innovative election administration and cybersecurity practices with organizations across the country.

Secretary Wyman graduated from California State University Long Beach and earned her master's degree in Public Administration from Troy State University. City University of Seattle awarded her an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership in 2015. She received CERA certification from The Election Center and Auburn University in 2004, and has been a Washington State Certified Election Administrator since 1995.

Don't miss the opportunity to join CEOtoCEO via Live Stream on August 5, from 8:30 am to 9:30 am. Viewers will have the opportunity to submit questions online or via email during the presentation.

Rebuilding Trust in Our Elections: The Lessons Learned in Voting by Mail
Live Online - YouTube Live Stream
Thursday, August 5, 2021
8:30 - 9:30 a.m.
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