The Power of Peer Groups

Thursday, October 8, 2020
Julie Heisey

Julie Heisey


As one of nine children growing up on a farm, Julie has always been surrounded by a team environment. It wasn't until 7th grade that she was able to translate her family experience into the sports arena when a local coach saw her basketball potential. Julie quickly fell in love with basketball after having coaches who were able to see potential in her, that she might not have seen herself. After playing in college Julie made the transition from coach to player. "I became a coach because I had great coaches who taught me that it's ok to fail, it's better to try and fail than never try at all."

Julie is a two-time hall of fame player and NCAA basketball coach who has won more than 430 games and advanced to 8 NCAA tournaments over 25 years.

Her experience in coaching taught her to reflect on herself, her perseverance, how to ask for help and remain fearless while going for a goal. "You can experience every emotion in life in one game" Julie said. This intense sports environment gave Julie the tools to cope with the bigger issues in life by learning how to curb those emotions, and later teach her players how to cope in the face of adversity.

When Julie decided to step away from coaching basketball, she was able to translate her coaching skills to facilitating executive peer groups with Vistage. She found that it was a natural pivot into creating and fostering a team environment for a group of people who often do not have a peer to turn to. As a coach, Julie relied heavily on her coaching network who understood her challenges and could offer advice or understanding to challenging situations. As a business executive, a peer group can be instrumental in finding people who not only understand the same challenges, but also know which questions to ask to keep the bigger picture in perspective. Julie highlighted the importance of peer groups to hold each other accountable and provide support beyond surface level interactions.

Click the link to view the full video with Julie Heisey and visit to learn more about executive peer groups.

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