The Formula for Breakthrough Growth

Thursday, June 6, 2024
Andrew Ballard

Andrew Ballard

Growth Strategist
Marketing Solutions


Breakthrough growth does not happen by accident. It requires vision, insight, and innovation to take yourself, your team and business to the next level.

During this engaging presentation, attendees will discover the essential elements to achieving breakthroughs and life changing success.

Business owners, CEO's and executives will come away with knowledge they can apply to generate breakthroughs for themselves, as well as the people and institutions they care about...and learn:

> How to establish a vision that defines your preferred future

> How to gain insight by gathering the relevant information

> How to develop an innovation that creates a better experience

> How to put vison, insight, and innovation together to generate breakthroughs

Andrew Ballard is the President and Chief Growth Strategist of Marketing Solutions, Inc. a Seattle area agency that develops "research-based growth strategies" for organizations committed to revenue acceleration.

He has 35 years of experience specializing in marketing research, strategic planning, brand development and marketing communications. He has helped hundreds of public, private and nonprofit organizations (from startups through Fortune 500 Companies) achieve breakthrough growth.

Andrew is a graduate of the Ford Marketing Institute and certified in Six Sigma. Prior to launching Marketing Solutions in 1997, he was an Executive Director for the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation. Before that, he worked for a CBS broadcast affiliate in sports marketing with the Seattle Seahawks.

Andrew is a respected author, educator, keynote and TEDx speaker. His book, entitled Your Opinion Doesn't Matter, has been endorsed in both the corporate and academic circles as being "innovative and insightful." His articles on marketing strategy have been published in business journals through all 50 States.

Andrew recently retired from the University of Washington after 10 years as an adjunct faculty member at the School of Business. He is also a frequent guest lecturer at Seattle Pacific University.


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