The Long Term Care Tax Debacle and Initiative 1436

Thursday, December 2, 2021
Cary Condotta

Cary Condotta

Restore Washington

Join CEOtoCEO on Thursday, December 2, 2021 as we welcome Cary Condotta. Cary is the Co-Founder of Restore Washington, and the host of NCWLife's The 12th District Weekly, a show where he discusses and reviews current topics in business and politics.

Cary will be discussing the mandatory Long Term Care Tax and Initiative 1436 that, if implemented, would make it voluntary or opt-in. Initiative 1436 is an effort started by Restore Washington, an organization he co-founded. He will review the LTC program scheduled for implementation January 1, 2022, its shortcomings, and the evolution of the bill. Tune in as Cary shares the inside story of why it the bill passed.

Cary is expected to talk about Initiative 1436, the challenges involved, and the groups, including his, which are circulating it around the state for signatures.

Cary Condotta represented Washington's 12th Legislative District for 16 years. Cary was Co-Chair of the House Campaign Committee for 12 years. He has written, sponsored or co-sponsored 100's of pieces of legislation. He retired from public office in 2019. He is an expert on small business, tax and economic issues.

Cary is a graduate from Central Washington University where he studied Economics and Business. He has been self-employed for 30 years, and has operated 8 different businesses. He is currently employed by NCWLife TV, where he writes, produces, and hosts "The 12th District" TV show. He is originally from Seattle and currently resides in Wenatchee.

The Long Term Care Tax Debacle and Initiative 1436 - Cary Condotta
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