Applying Technologies - How Virtual Reality Created Growth

Gus Simonds

Gus Simonds

MacDonald Miller

Business leaders always ask themselves, what’s the next big thing? But what happens once you identify it? When do you decide to act? When do you take the leap and make the big investment that just might be critical to the future growth of your business?

MacDonald-Miller President Gus Simonds made that leap recently, and he has seen the investment in building MLAB, a virtual reality studio, create incredible growth for his business in less than a year.

At the October CEOtoCEO Breakfast in Bellevue, Gus will provide insight into the strategic and decision-making processes, as well as what factors to consider when deciding whether and when to make that big investment in new technology.

Business owners and executives will leave with the following insights:

  • How to identify which tech trends may be valuable to your industry
  • How to harness disruptive technology to benefit your bottom line
  • The key questions to ask when considering a major investment in new tech

Thursday, Oct 17th, 2019
7:30 AM – 9:30 AM
Bellevue Club - Bellevue, WA
$50/person - Includes Parking Validation
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