The Future of Seattle Sports


Bill Chapin

Director NHL Seattle

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

After almost 100 years in hiatus, hockey is back in Seattle, and Bill Chapin, NHL Seattle’s Director of Revenue, is here to tell the club’s story and share its vision.

In the city of The 12th Man, community involvement with our sports teams is everything. And now, we have a unique opportunity to play a part in welcoming a new team to our city for the first time in years.

Bill has decades of experience in building and marketing professional sports franchises, including the Seattle Seahawks, Sounders, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

At the August CEOtoCEO Breakfast at the Bellevue Club, Bill will provide insight into his years developing devoted followings from the ground up. He will also detail how you as a business owner can implement the principles of building fanbases in your business, how he believes Seattle’s hockey team is uniquely positioned to succeed, and what you and your business can do to take advantage of the opportunities professional hockey in Seattle will provide.

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