Thursday November 15th, 2013

I don’t know about you but I find that the changes in healthcare
benefits are murky and confusing at best.

Pat Chestnut - CEO of AAOA Healthcare

Pat Chestnut of AristaPoint provided a candid peek under the tent of what is going on with the politically charged Affordable Care Act. One of the valuable nuggets Pat shared at the CEOtoCEO Breakfast is identifying the most common mistakes business owners make when buying insurance

    Not being involved in the benefit decision:
    Delegating all decision making authority to an HR department. “The one and only thing you can’t delegate is your responsibility to make the best decisions.”

    Reactive vs Proactive:
    Shopping every year and changing carriers rather than building a benefit strategy. “Do you buy a new car every year? Why would you need to buy a new policy every year?”

    Spending vs Investing:
    Viewing benefits as an expense rather than an investment and treating it as one. “Healthcare benefits have become a major employee attraction and retention tool.”

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