Thursday October 18th, 2018

Culture, Cults & Cultivating Teams:

Daniella Young, CEO of Cultural Forte

Having grown up in an exceptionally large family in remarkable circumstances, and serving her country as a member of the first group of women to conduct counterintelligence ground operations in a war zone, Daniella has unique insight into the nature of organizational culture, from the dinner table to the war-torn streets of Afghanistan.

Daniella Young, a renowned speaker and storyteller, and the current CEO of Cultural Forte, a leading culture and innovation consulting firm, joins CEOtoCEO to share her incredible story as well as the 5 Complicated Steps you need to know to build a productive company culture.

In a multi-generational work environment, cultural collisions between employees are inevitable. Finding the balance between the individual needs of an employee and the collective needs of a business can be a key component to becoming a 100 Best company.

Daniella will draw from her experience working with different people in vastly different situations to illuminate how you can use cultural awareness to cultivate a culture that will benefit your business and employees.

  •  Using team building to multiply your business
  •  Balancing individual creativity with strong team dynamics
  •  Avoiding a culture of unquestioning obedience
  •  Eliminating the Us versus Them attitude

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